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Every Nation Leadership Institute (ENLI) empowers students and young professionals to discover and nurture their true potential. Our pioneering leadership programs are designed to build real-world skills that can be applied across industries. Leadership is not just a calling, it’s a skill – and we give our students the tools to leave a transformative impact on society. 

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Through step-by-step training, we help students understand their unique strengths, values, and passions, turning their life experiences into a map towards a genuine, rewarding calling.

Our Mission
Our Story
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Our Story

In 2005, a bold decision changed the course of many young lives. Kevin and Lynette Menezes traded their thriving corporate careers in the Middle East for a higher purpose: Empowering the next generation of students to become visionary leaders through ENLI. They envisioned a world where students were not just educated, but transformed into leaders who'd pioneer change in society and beyond.


Through collaborations with Mumbai's elite colleges, ENLI has since emerged as the go-to hub for students to develop into successful, thriving professionals. At ENLI, our mission is clear: mold holistic individuals who uplift their communities, paving the way for a brighter, more progressive nation.

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